Sunday, May 5, 2013

hadiah dari Allah

wah what a blast of life i had in early 2013..status changed to married for like...1 month ++..
a great gift by Allah..a lovely husband.thank you for sending me this gift..a person that taking care of me well dad..plese dont worry bcuz im alright here.

last week i had a short training at Tadika Al near to my less than 5minutes using car.alhamdulillah..i was accepted for the job as an assistant there.i am not thinkg to further my career as a nurse anymore..but then..the knowledge will always be a gud one that i had in life.tq Allah for the job =)

for this past few days,im not feeling well.i miss mom that always massage me when i had a my husband tried the same thing.i know he had put an effort for that..heheh but will never be as nice as mom =)
after like 2 days still feeling unwell..i was thinking to take panadol.but i had this hesitation feeling afraid that i might be pregnant.panadol is not gud for pregnant mother.

so then..yesterday i had upt(urine pregnancy test) by myself.n ok..another gift by Allah.alhamdulillah i am pregnant!!ya Allah..there is nothing more to say to You but alhamdulillah praise to You..another gift u sent to me..syukur..nk sujud syukur tp dlm toilet..hehehe
mom dad..also plese dont worry.eventhough i am far from everyone..i will make sure im healthy during this pregnancy.we are happy here =)

with luv from ulu tiram, isma


  1. Assalam kak Isma.

    Tahniah pengantin baru. Sori kalau dah terlambat. You are such a great person dan bertuah dapat such a great husband too. Semoga berbahagia dan berkekalan sehingga akhir hayat.

    Tahniah juga bakal jadi ibu. Moga sihat-sihat dan dapat baby comel montel soleh solehah.

    Moga satu hari nanti kita saling mengenali dan menjadi sahabat. I adore both of you for such a longgggg time. :)

    Good luck on your new job!! and Take care ibu dan baby.

  2. isma! ktk keja d cnun duhal. tahniah. salu2 update ctok u!

  3. assalamualaikum..
    i wish to know you anonymous =)
    n firus..ktk ng rajin ngabas blog kmk..haha