Monday, October 29, 2012

monday blue turn red =)


finally meeting monday.its raining so heavily this morning.i was so lazy to wake up and go to work.i was thinking for any good reason to apply for sick leave..heheh..(trok ny isma)
but then.deep in my heart saying that this is wrong i mange to pull up and get myself ready.
alhamdulillah dpt juak mlawan bisikan syaitan yg jahat itu..heheh
arrived at clinic..i was welcome by a news that there was a patient in a labour room...wah a delivery is waiting for me this morning!!!

again..reminiscing those memories during my attachment..i stared at those blood and smells..i started to feel nauseated..(again this feeling)..huhu..which i dont like.but then i said to myself..not this time again isma..u have to face this!!(gambate isma!!)

holding the mother,her husband was in to give her support.she tried hard to push..hard as hard as she could.again i dont like the feeling of having tears on my eyes..bcuz i was so sad looking at the mother with was so painful.almost one hour, she still unable to deliver. her husband started to give her air some doa..the mother said.."tolong lah anak ku..tolong mak..tolong keluar.."
cdh mk nangis isma dga..ibu dh byk kali kejang tgn n kaki..ayah pn bagi semangt..everyone were so supportive!!

until one point..a mother seems to gve up.."tak dapat..Allah tolong lah..knapa xdpt.."
kami ckp.."dapat..dapat..jgn ckp xdpt"

9:07 am: 
a baby boy was safely delivered!!!!alhamdulillah..a husband kiss his wife forehead and said.."alhamdulillah!!terima kasih sayang".it was such a great moment..alhamdulillah..subhanAllah..a new life begin at this moment..smoga mnjadi anak yg soleh =)

after cleaning up the baby,i pick him up and took him for bathing.sgt cumel ok!!cm lamak dh xplah keja tk!!WA...HARI INI SKALI LAGI..SAYA MANDIKAN BABY!!!

after settle everything..i had this feeling of..relief =)
and and mk juak ada baby!!heheh..

alhamdulillah..skali lagi melihat kekuasaaan Allah yg semudah itu mmberi kehidupan..mghidupkan hamba atas izin Nya..subhanAllah..a good start of my monday..turn red la ri isnin tok!!hehe..trus panas =)
kepada bakal suami saya..anda mesti menemani saya ketika saya bsalin juga!mesti dan wajib =)


Wahai Tuhanku, kurniakanlah kepadaku anak yang terhitung dari orang-orang yang soleh. 
(Surah As-Saffat:100)


  1. aok..sgt cm bercmpo baur pasaan kmk ..huhu
    but its nice actually =)